Sales Tax Certificates Florida

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Where Can I Get the Information about Tax Certificates?

The law does not require a professional lawyer to prepare these forms and other documents. However, we strongly recommend using professional legal assistance, since all these documents have legal significance and define the rights and obligations that are enforceable. Forms can be purchased from one of the commercial stores that sell legal forms or through Blumberg Legal Forms.

No business can have a name that is “indistinguishable” from the name of a corporation, limited liability partnership or limited liability company in Florida, whether it is a local organization, or a foreign organization licensed to operate in Florida. In addition, laws have specific requirements for each business form.

How do I determine if I can use the selected name? The Department of State will determine the use of the selected title upon written request to the Department’s office in Florida. Searching for each item is subject to a $ 5 fee (telephone inquiries will not be accepted). You can also search all businesses to see if someone else is already using your name. To do this, you need to search the Corporation and Business Entity Database, which you can find on the website.

After choosing a name and making sure that it can be used, you can reserve this name for yourself for up to 60 days in order to prepare the rest of the necessary documents. This requires registering a Certificate of Reservation with the Department of State in Florida and paying a registration fee of $ 20. Title reservations can be extended twice more for 60 days by paying $ 20 for each renewal. A copy of the Certificate of Reservation can be found on the website

What Other Certificates Should Be Accepted?

In addition to the incorporation documents that are registered with the Florida Department of State, any business must draw up and adopt an additional governing document depending on its legal form, as described below. These documents are not registered by the state but regulate important rights and obligations of the business and its owners, therefore we strongly recommend developing and adopting such documents in cooperation with professional lawyers:

  • Business corporation. The corporation must adopt a Bylaws, which will specify the capital structure, procedures for holding meetings and voting, shareholder rights, the nature and roles of the board of directors and officers, and other organizational features. The charter is adopted by the founders at the first organizational meeting of the corporation.
  • Limited Partnership. A limited liability partnership must have a Partnership Agreement governing the rights and obligations of all partners, as well as the organizational structure and activities of the partnership. The partnership agreement must be signed by the main partner. Passive partners’ signatures are optional.
  • Limited Liability Company. The member or members of the limited liability company must, in accordance with the law, accept the Operating Agreement within 90 days of the company’s incorporation.