What’s the best way to find a tax filer for your business?

I am a bookkeeper who has a lot of clients that wants quotes on what it would cost to file their taxes.

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    Hi, there are you wanting to hire a tax preparer to work for your business to prepare taxes? Or are you wanting to refer your clients to a tax preparer?

    Looking at the first scenario if you would like to hire a tax preparer to prepare the taxes for your clients but under your business, I would suggest outsourcing the returns to an EA (Enrolled Agent) or CPA. By outsourcing the tax service you are still servicing the client as a part of your business model. The second option is referring the clients to an EA or CPA that maybe you can work out some sort of referral fee that the EA or CPA would provide you with. This will release you from any liability that may result from the preparation as the client the tax preparer would work together independently of you.

    How to find the EA or CPA can be as simple as communicating with your network of people to see who may know someone if you want someone local to where you are. While you do not have to be an EA or CPA to prepare tax returns I only recommend EA or CPA because these credentials require continuing education to be sure the professional is updated on all changes and regulations.

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