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what is the best way to partnered with overseas accounting professional?

I am an accounting / Bookkeeping professional working in the US for my US-based clients, Now I want to partner with one of the contractors who I use to outsource my bookkeeping clients.
He is an experienced with exceptional qbo and bookkeeping skills and helping me for two years, Now I want to join hands with him as a Partner or Contractor.
What can be the best or appropriate way to deal with this situation?
All options are open for now, He has no problem whether I make him partner or contractor /employee.
and if I want him to work in my office as an employee/Partner then what are the options?

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    Hi there, if the bookkeeper is overseas the best option, in my opinion, is to continue as a contractor. Adding him/her as a partner means you are giving equity in your business which is not ideal unless you have worked out an agreement to where the services are also generating you income. Because the person is located in another country, adding him/her as an employee is not an option as they are not subject to US employment taxes.

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