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Recently a client of mine stated her husband and her are getting divorced. They are both partners in one of the businesses I do the books for. As tensions rise, I am in a difficult position to keep things professional as they request information on their own contributions and draws. Any advice on how to navigate this professionally?

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    I often say I am part therapist and part accountant. When you deal so closely with individuals’ personal information and financial information you do tend to be become involved a bit in their personal lives. I would listen and not offer much feedback other than a listening ear so that you remain impartial and professional. While you can not stop the client (per se) from talking if you feel that the conversation is becoming a bit much you can offer politely that you would like to keep things professional. Of course, you should provide whatever information is being requested and don’t offer any personal opinions about the situation at all. I hope this helps, thanks for reaching out.

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