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How to avoid registration in CT and NJ for lease revenue?

In terms of new UV light machine lease division which is pretty limited. 1 customer is in CT and 1 is in NJ. The rest of the several customers are located in NYC which I believe it’s required to be registered.

NJ sales tax instruction inform, seller does not need to charge for sales tax but the buyer should submit the sales tax to NJ state.

CT- I’m new to this state which I’m not sure how to proceed in terms of if it is required to be registered or not.

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    Hi a few questions here, are you leasing the UV light machines or selling them? If you are leasing them is the lessee turning around and providing the light as a service to a third party?

    I am trying to gain some context, before researching this for you.

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      Company leases the UV light machines to the hotels. Not a sale. Hotels (lessee) use the machine for their own rooms so in this case not providing a service to a third party.

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