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How much should a bookkeeper cost?

How much should a bookkeeper cost?

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    Well, that’s a loaded question. There are several factors to consider such as experience, credentials, even location. Many bookkeepers charge a flat monthly fee based on the transaction volume of their clients. Also, you should consider the client’s needs, if they have someone in-house assisting with day-to-day and you are only doing reconciliations and reporting your fee may be less than if you were doing full-Charge bookkeeping consisting of A/P, A/R, reconciliations, and reporting. Further, a bookkeeper in California may charge more than one in a rural location. If you are trying to determine your own rate I would look at what the general pay is for an inhouse bookkeeper and adjust up (since the client would not be covering or responsible for employer benefits and taxes) they should expect to may more than what an employer in-house would make based on the savings in overhead.

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