Free invoicing software?

Is there a piece of free/open source software I can use to generate invoices for my consultation business? I only ever charge a flat rate so I just need a way to track my time and then send a digital bill to the customer.

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    There are some free open source invoicing, expense and time keeping systems.

    Invoice Ninja is a 100% free open-source online invoicing app that tracks payments, creates invoices and quotes in real-time, keeps time and tasks, and accepts payment via its system. There are tiers for additional features at an additional cost of $10/ month (Ninja Pro Plan) or $14/Month for ten months + 2 months free (Enterprise plan). This is a user-friendly system with lots of capabilities for your business needs.

    Invoice Plane is another free open source that manages invoices, quotes, client management and payments.  It is compatible with Windows and Linux OS and interfaced with over twenty languages. This system can also integrate with the use of Paypal.

    Invoicely is great for small businesses and is user friendly.  It also provides monthly and yearly financial snapshots, creates unlimited invoices, tracks billable hours and even miles!

    Invoice Expert, Sleek Bill, F-Biling,  and Simple Invoices are other free and open source invoicing and billing software that offer similar features to its competitors and can accommodate all of your small  to medium business accounting/bookkeeping needs.

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