Do I need to file wage return on EDD (CA) if using QB payroll?


I am using QB payroll for my client which is supposed to take care of all forms and returns. For the 1st payroll taxes we had issues because he did not have employer ID so QB said that we have to make the payment by ourselves (nothing mentioned about filing wages).
My client received a notice of penalty (which was taken care of) but once I logged into the EDD account, it was an alert “file tax return for Q3”. I called EDD and they walked me through it and now it is solved. But I am just surprised why QB did not take care of that. IS it because of the issue we had or actually I have to take care of it every quarter?

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    Hi, unfortunately, this is a question you will need to ask Intuit directly. I do know that any taxes that were due prior to the activation of the payroll service with Intuit will need to be filed and paid directly by you. However, some states and certain tax forms may not be handled by Intuit. I would contact their payroll support directly and ask them why that quarter was not filed and if they will file the form in the future or if that is something you will be responsible for. I would handle this sooner than later as payroll taxes, penalties, and interest can add up pretty quickly.

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