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As bookkeepers, we have to remind clients for certain statements and information each month. What are some tips for doing this without sounding pushy or rude?

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    Hi I have found it helpful to create a monthly checklist of items you need and set up an email that is sent out at the start of each month. Now as I’m sure you know there are some clients who will never do what is requested however they do still expect you to have their reports ready so I would never consider myself as pushy. I would simply send an email with a note that you can not provide them with timely and/or accurate financials until they provide the information you have requested. Keep a log of email requests (with dates) so that you know you have done your part. You can not control the client, so as long as you do your due diligence in requesting the info there is nothing more you can do.

    Also using a CRM system like Asana for example will allow you to assign tasks as well as upload information between yourself and your clients. Your clients will get a notification when they have been assigned a task to complete.

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