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Are Golf Course Sponsorships Good for Advertising my accounting business?

If you were asked to pay $395 a year and you can get advertisement is it worth it and would it be a good thing to do? 1st-time business owner here.
I do taxes and other accounting services with 6 years of experience.

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    I would ask the golf course where they will be displaying your advertisements. Generally speaking, most golfers and members of golf clubs are connected individuals in their respective communities and are exactly what your target audience would be for advertising. If you are receiving sponsorships banners or “yard sign” style advertisements for tournaments at specific holes, this is an excellent advertising opportunity for only $395. If your business is going to be listed on a pamphlet somewhere alongside 70 other sponsoring businesses likely you will just get lost in the mix and not generate any new leads. Long story short, definitely look into the placement of your advertising to determine how many people you will be reaching to determine if the cost is worth the potential target audience.

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