Hi, I have a huge issue with the way payrolls have been recorded in QB. I noticed the secretary who has been issuing payroll checks has only recorded the checks net amounts plus the total payroll taxes (employee plus employer) in ...
  1. Thanks a lot. It was very helpful. ... Read more

I have an online retail business and I'm considering hiring my first employee. I currently manage my accounting and bookkeeping myself in excel, and I hope to manage the payroll myself too. How should I go about setting it up?
  1. You can do your payroll in Excel as well if you set up calculations for taxes. ... Read more

I have a business that’s an LLC, my husband recently started helping out with the business, do I need to pay him a salary? What are the implications of pay vs no pay?
  1. He can do volunteer work, you're not required by law to pay him. If you carry workmens comp insurance and he is injured on the job, he would not be covered by t ... Read more

About to hire my first employee (yay!) and not looking to spend any money on payroll services or softwares. How can I do it myself?
  1. For a free solution your best bet is then an excel spreadsheet with tax calculations and hand writing or printing checks. This is easy to set up. ... Read more