A client of mine recently hired several employees and is looking for recommendations on small business insurance for employees. I don't typically set this up with my clients so I was curious where one might start?
  1. Hi if you are using a payroll company they could be a good resource, also has a small business employer website where you can gain access to this ... Read more

A client wants to start offering to cover 100% of health insurance for employees, are there any tax laws that would not allow the company to write off 100% of the cost?
  1. Hi health insurance coverage paid for by the employer for the employees is 100% deductible as a business expense. There are not any laws that I am aware of that ... Read more

How do i know i have the best plan for E&O Insurance?
  1. Hi, you should work with an insurance professional who can compare plans for you based on your needs and your industry. For example, a tax preparer may require ... Read more